Blu Dot Heyday Lounge Chair


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Product Description

Blu Dot

Like sitting in a hammock swing, Heyday lets you lounge unencumbered by a frame or thoughts of ever getting up. Natural leather and powder-coated steel keep you suspended in comfort as long as you damn well please.

The Heyday Lounge Chair was developed to take advantage of leather’s natural qualities, particularly its strength and how it patinas with time. Blu Dot wanted to create a sling chair using leather as the chief material to combine the bliss of hanging in a hammock with the supported sit of a standard chair. It was critical to maximize comfort by avoiding any structure spanning across the sling where a person’s back or legs rest. They considered different frame designs that accomplished this goal, but one did so in the simplest and most direct way. They sewed pockets on the sides of the leather sling that slide over the sloping steel arms of the frame. Stretching the sling across the frame eliminates the need for any intrusive structure in between. From this point, Blu Dot made a sling pattern that zeroed in on that just-right sit. With Heyday you get the pleasure of the suspended sit of a sling chair without any of the uncomfortable pressure points.



28″D x 29″W x 31″H


Full-grain Leather sling seat
Powder-coated steel rod and bar stock frame
Black, Chestnut and Sand Leather: A full grain aniline leather with a soft and smooth hand; Natural markings will be visible, enhancing the character of the leather; color variation is a signature to the authenticity of natural leather. This leather is beautifully natural and dynamic. It is intended to patina with use and time. Images are intended to be representative of the material, but all hides are unique; each piece will possess slightly different characteristics such as scars and stretch marks
BIFMA rated
Ships fully assembled

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