Blu Dot Hang 1 Mirrors


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Product Description

Blu Dot

Meet the Hang 1 Mirror Collection. A frameless polished mirror hangs on a solid walnut peg. We love this stunningly simple mirror for it’s versatility and whimsy. Hang 1 round mirror in your entry way, hang 1 square mirror in your bedroom, hang 1 swoval mirror in your bathroom. You get the idea. Choose from 9 shapes and sizes.


All shapes have a 2″ depth once mounted on wall
Round: 24″Diameter
Square: 24″Square
Drop: 18″W x 23″H
Capsule: 15″W x 30″H
Large Round: 30″Diameter

Large Square: 30″Square
Large Drop: 24″W x 30″H

Frameless polished mirror
Solid walnut peg

Mounting hardware included may not be appropriate for all wall surfaces; To determine the hardware best suited for your type of wall, consult your local hardware professional.

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