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Modern Gift Ideas for Him

Modern Gift Ideas for Him
Katy  |  12.12.17  |  Gift Giving

So what makes the men in our lives so notoriously difficult to shop for? There’s a popular theory that they have fewer and narrower interests. Men pick something to do in their spare time and hobby the heck out of it. What do you get, for example, the Civil War buff who collects all manner of Union paraphernalia? How can you possibly surprise a guy like that? A vintage hand-carved figurine of Confederate General George Pickett? . . .  “This is nice, honey, but what were you thinking?!”

Best advice is to stick to the basics: Socks, ties, wallets. . . . Boring, you say? Not when you kick it up a notch — or three. Observe.

Leather Wallet with ID Protection

This Stewart/Stand Leather Wallet is classy and super practical. It contains a stainless steel mesh fabric that provides protection from credit card and ID theft. It provides all of the storage essentials with 6 credit card pockets, 2 stash pockets, and a bill compartment. Also see these other anti-theft cases from Stewart/Stand.

Cashmere Socks

Who doesn’t love a great pair of socks? These cashmere socks are ultra-soft and warm — perfect for the colder months of the year. Available in neutral designs and colorful stripes to suit all personalities. Stop into our gift shop to see all of the options.

Chord Cubes Wood Blocks & Wood Guitar Pick Holder

A favorite gift duo this season, the Chord Cubes Wood Blocks and Wood Guitar Pick Box will delight the music lover in your life. The beautiful wood guitar pick holder has a door that slides open to reveal a secret compartment; four guitar picks are included.

Leather Notebook Case with Wood Pen

For the man who loves to take notes in style, this A6 Leather Notebook Cover will be his favorite gift. It is made from Italian leather and comes with a wood ballpoint pen and pad of paper. On the inside of the cover is a card-sized pocket. We love the functionality and style of this well-crafted leather notebook holder.

Canvas Bag

Men need to stash things too, and this W Durable Goods Dopp Kit provides a place to store toiletries, electronics, or anything else he can think of. This is a great gift when you’re just not sure what to get! And you can have fun by adding smaller gifts inside of the bag. (Civil War collectibles?)

Modern Silk Ties

If you know a tie aficionado, then he’s sure to appreciate a beautiful, modern silk tie to add to his collection. We have several designs to suit both the conservative dresser and the more adventurous. If you know him well, you can pick a theme that reflects his personality. Stop into our gift shop to see all of our  modern silk tie options.

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