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Graf Lantz: German + Japanese Design

Graf Lantz: German + Japanese Design
Katy  |  04.12.17  |  Accessories, Gift Giving

From the moment I experienced products by Graf Lanz, I was intrigued and infatuated — first with the texture of the soft Merino wool, then by the simple perfection of the designs. Where did these stunning pieces come from? Who made them? And can I buy them all?

I decided to dig deeper.

Holger Graf & Daniel Lantz

The founders of Graf Lantz have a rich history that results in a product designed with thoughtful elegance. Holger Graf brings German design elements to the table. He earned his Ph.D. in structural engineering from his studies in Germany. Daniel Lantz brought a completely different perspective with his roots in Japan. The two met in Munich, and after four years they decided to open their studio in LA to build Graf Lanz.

German + Japanese Design

The essence of German and Japanese design is seen throughout the Graf Lanz collection. The LA influence brings a twist of fun and flair. The structural elements and striking details likely stem from German Graf’s background in structural engineering. Japanese design elements come through in the simplicity of the designs and the attractive, unexpected lines.


Merino Wool: The Modern Use of a Traditional Textile

Merino wool is one of the world’s oldest fabrics. However, Graf Lantz manages to use it to create modern pieces of wearable art. While some may think of it as delicate, it is actually quite durable. The material is naturally stain resistant. It doesn’t fray. And, of course, it is soft to the touch and possesses a textural quality that elevates your personal fashion or home collection.


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