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Dad-tastic Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Dad-tastic Gift Ideas for Father’s Day
Marley  |  06.11.18  |  Gift Giving, Modern Life

This weekend many of us will be gathering with family to celebrate the awesome dads in our lives. We decided to round up some of our favorite modern gift ideas for all of the modern dads out there – check out our ideas below!

For the Audiophile Dad

For the dad that enjoys the crackle and pop of vinyl – pick up the Orbit Plus turntable. Pair with an LP that’s missing from his collection. He’ll relish this gift.


For the Nature Loving Dad

If he’s a bird watcher, our Pitch birdhouses are perfect! They are super easy to install, made from recycled milk jugs, and come in 6 bright colors and 5 neutrals. Pair with an outdoor lounge chair (the Parc Rocker is one of our faves!) or our Limited Edition Fredericks & Mae Bocce Set to maximize backyard enjoyment.


For the Grill Master Dad

For the dad that knows how long to grill a steak on each side (is it 4 minutes? I can never remember!) – he’ll love the Mercatus Fireplace and Grill. The fireplace will warm up cool summer nights, and the grill feature is perfect for entertaining. Round out his patio with this super fun and functional bar cart by Fermob. Call the neighbors – dinner’s on!


For the Board Game Loving Dad

If he’s into strategy and games, he’ll be into this colorful MoMA Backgammon set. Include this Dad-tacular Fun Fact on your card for bonus points: Backgammon is one of the oldest known board games in history, dating back nearly 5,000 years!


For Every Dad

Stop by The Century House Gift Shop and discover the perfect card for all the dads on your list.


Let us know what you think of our gift ideas in the comments and share how you’re celebrating the dad(s) in your life this year!

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