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6 Reasons We Love Comfort Sleepers

6 Reasons We Love Comfort Sleepers
Katy  |  03.01.19  |  Furniture

When customers ask us for the best sofa sleeper, there’s really only one correct answer. It’s the Comfort Sleeper, made by American Leather. Since we’re kind of gung-ho about Comfort Sleepers at The Century House, we put together a list of six reasons why we believe these sofa sleepers are the best. We’re pretty sure by the time you finish this list, you’ll be a believer too.

No bars, no springs & no sagging.

We’ve all woken up after an restless night of flopping around on an uncomfortable sofa sleeper mattress. Usually, the mattress is thin and you start to feel like every bar and spring is digging into your back. You might start to wonder if you’re inside of the classic story The Princess and the Pea. But, trust us, it’s not you, and you didn’t turn into a princess. It’s the sofa sleeper.

The Comfort Sleeper addresses these familiar issues by using a solid platform to support its high density foam mattresses. You can even choose from three different mattress options (including Temper-pedic) to achieve the type of comfort you prefer. When you lay down on a Comfort Sleeper bed, you will feel totally supported. In fact, our customers often comment that the Comfort Sleeper bed is more comfortable than their own mattress!


Easy to open. Easy to close.

Entertaining guests is difficult enough without having to wrestle with your sofa sleeper. The Comfort Sleeper has sturdy handles and a spring loaded mechanism that make opening and closing the bed a breeze.

Also, cushions are designed and molded to fit right into place. So, when you put the bed away and set the cushions into place, it will look like nothing ever happened, which will help you forget that your mother-in-law spent two whole weeks living in your house while offering “helpful advice” several times a day. (Did we mention that Comfort Sleepers might encourage guests to stay longer? It’s only fair to warn you.)

Size options for every space.

If you think your space is too small to fit an extra bed, you might be wrong. The Comfort Sleeper comes in seven size options, including everything from Cot to King. There’s even a Queen Plus option, which is halfway between a queen and a king mattress. Why don’t they make real beds that size? We’re not sure. But it seems like the perfect compromise, doesn’t it?

We love the size variety because it means that we can find a Comfort Sleeper that will work for nearly any space. If you’re living in an old house with narrow doorways or awkward staircases, we can usually work with that too. Comfort Sleepers are designed to break-down in order to fit through small spaces.

There’s a style for everyone.

We offer 17 Comfort Sleeper styles (including 3 exclusive styles). Whether you’re looking for thin arms, wide arms, metal legs, wood legs, modern, traditional or any other look, we have a style that suites your design preferences. Choosing a style is only the first step in the customization process; you will also need to select a covering. Dozens of leathers and hundreds of fabric options allow you to find the perfect look for your home. (If the amount of options sounds overwhelming, take a deep breath…that’s what we’re here for. We’ll help you narrow down the options in a matter of minutes.)


Comfort Sleepers are actually comfortable.

Have you ever sat on a sofa bed and it…well, becomes immediately obvious that it’s a sofa bed? Maybe the seat is three feet deep or the seat cushion feels rock hard while the back cushion is so soft you end up in a reclined position?

The Comfort Sleeper has gone through eight redesigns. The first version, which was released more than a decade ago, was quite good and noticeably better than any other traditional sofa sleeper we had ever seen. But, American Leather, the maker of the Comfort Sleeper, was not satisfied with “quite good”. The ambitious folks at American Leather have continued to tweak the design and features of the Comfort Sleeper, with each version being a little better than the last. So, when you purchase a Comfort Sleeper now, you benefit from all of these previous improvements.

When you come to our store and sit down on the current version of the Comfort Sleeper, you probably won’t know it’s a sofa sleeper until one of us walks by and mentions it. The cushions are comfy and supportive, the seat isn’t too deep and it looks like a (really nice) regular sofa.


Ready for life (and all it brings).

If you’re looking for an extra guest bed, we’re guessing it’s because you have people in your life that want to visit you. Often, those people don’t treat your brand new furniture like you would. Also, a lot of our customers use Comfort Sleepers in their main hang-out room. Maybe you’re going to be eating popcorn, drinking wine or hanging out with your fur babies while lounging on the sofa. Or maybe your kids or grand-kids think beds that pop out of sofas are really exciting and decide to pretend its a cool indoor trampoline. It happens…

We love Comfort Sleepers because they are built to hold up to life. They are not indestructible—no furniture is, but they are sturdy, made in the U.S. and available in a wide range of fabrics and leathers that are specifically designed to be durable and stain-resistant. And if you’re one of those people that thinks it’s a good idea to buy new furniture and a puppy at the same time, you might want to ask us about our Furniture Protection Plan, which is a great way to protect your investment for a solid five years. Like, until you don’t have a puppy anymore…

Hopefully you’re starting to understand why we think Comfort Sleepers are so great. In reality, this list could have been much longer, but we know your time is precious so we stuck to the biggies. If you want to experience Comfort Sleepers for yourself and you can make it to Madison, WI, visit our Home & Office showroom! We’ll be happy to show you around.



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