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5 Elements of a Productive & Healthy Work Space

5 Elements of a Productive & Healthy Work Space
Katy  |  09.07.17  |  Furniture, Modern Life

Let’s face it. We work hard and we work a lot. The United States is not known for lengthy summer vacations or holiday breaks. For those of us who are desk-bound, it is time to be smart. Sitting in front of a computer for eight hours a day or more takes a toll on our bodies. So what do we do? We need to create a work space that will help us stay healthy and be efficient.

It’s time to be proactive and design a space that will help you feel good and get your work done faster.

Here are the 5 elements of a productive & healthy work space:

1) Sit-Stand Desk

It’s time to get up and move. It’s no surprise that sitting for long periods of time is not good for our bodies. Spending more time standing throughout the work day can improve your general health and energy level. Sit-stand desks also allow users to select the ideal desk height for their body, which makes it easier to have good posture. For example, the ideal desk height for a 6’2″ tall man is much different than the ideal desk height for a 5’1″ tall woman. A flexible work station moves to fit our bodies – not the other way around. When we’re not in pain and have good energy, we are happier and more productive.

The BDI Centro Lift Desk features a programmable digital keypad that allows you to program your four favorite height settings. It also displays the height of the work surface in inches. Built-in wire management helps to maintain a clean looking work space.

See all of our Sit Stand Desks.

2) Flexible Monitor Arm

A good monitor arm is key. Why? Because a height-adjustable desk will allow you to change the height of your work surface, but it will not allow you to change the distance between your monitor and keyboard. When the distance between these two items is not correct, it results in issues such as eye strain, neck pain and hunching (which is sure to lead to back pain). A good monitor arm allows you to move your monitor up and down as well as closer and farther away. Side-to-side movement can be helpful, too. Pick a high-quality monitor arm that allows you to quickly and effortlessly reposition your monitor, so you don’t waste time making adjustments.

This M2 Monitor Arm by Humanscale is durable and easy to use. The configuration shown is the perfect solution for most users that only have one monitor. However, the M2 is totally customizable and has a number of options for dual monitors, etc.

3) Adjustable Task Light 

A good light can make your space feel brighter and happier. It will also move easily to the area of your desk where you need focused light. To reduce eye fatigue, we recommend a light with an easy-to-use dimmer switch, so you can customize the brightness of light in your space. Other popular and useful features are a USB charging port (for charging your phone quickly) and warm to cool light control. A switch that allows you to control the light temperature (cool to warm) can be surprisingly useful. For reading, warmer light is recommended. However, users may have different preferences depending on their age and the task being performed.

The Mosso Pro Task Light has everything you need at a great price. Features include a USB charging port, a full dimmer touch switch, an occupancy sensor (that turns the light on and off for you as you come and go) and warm/cool light control. 

See all of our Task Lighting.

4) Ergonomic Task Chair

Despite all the benefits of standing while working, most people only stand at their desks for about 20 minutes at a time. So, a good task chair is still a critical component to a healthy and productive work space. The right task chair can drastically change the way you feel during the work day, as well as when you go home for the evening. A supportive, breathable and adjustable chair is not a cure-all, but its list of attributes is impressive: can relieve back pain, improve posture, and increase the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body, while helping to regulate body temperatures and heart rate. All of these things add up to a boost in productivity. While high-end task chairs can be a little pricey, they have strong potential to revolutionize your work day. They will also last much longer than less expensive task chair options.

The Aeron Chair was originally designed in 1994. It was remastered in 2016 and is better than ever. This chair is, without question, our top seller. It is available in three sizes, has all of the adjustments you could need, and it features a high-performance material that will keep you comfortable and cool. 

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5) Super Smart Storage

While most of our lives are digitized today, paper is still a thing. So are pens, notepads, staplers and white out (the tape, not the goopy stuff with the brush). A little bit of well-designed storage can go a long way toward a more organized space. And a clean work area, it’s been shown, helps clear the mind. A small file pedestal might be enough, or maybe a multi-function cabinet will do the trick. Evaluate your work style and determine what you need to stay organized. Then just imagine a space where you spend more time being awesome and productive and less time digging for things you can’t find.

The BDI Centro Multifunction Cabinet is designed to house everything you need for a simple or small office. It has a large file drawer, storage drawers, a pull-out tray and an adjustable shelf. If you like a natural or warm wood look, see the Sequel Multifunction Cabinet.

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