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Share Your Stories

Share a memory from the past 70 years...

70 Years of Stories


This year we celebrate our 70th year in business. It has been a great journey, one made possible only because of you, our customer. From all of us, thank you very much!

To honor your place in our community, we invite you to share a personal story about your connection to The Century House. Dinners at Nana’s teak dining table, the annual family photo posed on the comfy Danish sofa, family trips to our stores with new generation in tow…

Please join us this anniversary year and share a memory and/or photo!

At the end of each month, the person who shared our favorite story will be awarded with a $250 gift card to our stores.

One gift card will be awarded each month starting April 2018 and ending September 2018.

Ways to Share your Story

Social Media

Share your story on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #70yearsofthecenturyhouse.


If you would prefer to email us your story, use our contact form to submit your story.

In Person

If you're not a fan of technology, you can mail us your story or hand it to us in person.

The Fine Print

When you share your story and/or photos with us, you are giving us permission to share the text and pictures on our social media accounts, our website and in other promotional materials. Only first names and last initials will be used to protect your privacy. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.