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Zikmu in Dragon Red by ParrotParrot by Starck- RF remote controlParrot by Starck -control w/ your phoneZikmu CaseZikmu by Parrot -Philippe StarckZikmu in Arctic White by ParrotZikmu in Pearl Grey by ParrotZikmu in Lime Green by ParrotZikmu in Dragon Red by Parrot
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Zikmu by Parrot Wireless Speaker Sound System

Wireless Sound.
The amazing Philippe Starck designed Zikmu speakers from Parrot.
Designed to sync with all your music sources such as iPod/ iPhone, Bluetooth phones, wireless networks or computers.  Easily, remotely, control the music using your iPhone or laptop.  The flat panel speakers produce an amazing rich sound while a bottom facing sub-woofer adds depth.
Includes a full featured RF remote.
Each speaker has only a power cable to plug in then the speakers will sync together and with whatever Bluetooth or wifi sources you wish.
Or use any dockable iPod/iPhone.  Each speaker also has a line input on the bottom if you wish to connect other sources.
Learn more in the pdf brochure below or take a look at the Parrot Website.

# Total power output: 100W RMS
3-channel (Class D) digital amplifier
Frequency range: 50 Hz – 20 kHz
Compatible audio formats: MP3, LPCM
Settings: volume, R/L balance, equaliser with presets
RF remote control
RCA line-in input for all audio analogue sources
Power supply: 70W (per speaker)
# Dimensions (per speaker):
Height: 29.5" H
Dimensions - bottom: 12.5" x 11.5"
Dimensions - top: 11.5" x 1.4"

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Parrot by Starck- RF remote control Parrot by Starck -control w/ your phone Zikmu Case Zikmu by Parrot -Philippe Starck Zikmu in Arctic White by Parrot Zikmu in Pearl Grey by Parrot Zikmu in Lime Green by Parrot Zikmu in Dragon Red by Parrot
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