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Varier Move StoolVarier Move StoolVarier Move StoolVarier Move Stool
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Move Stool

The Varier Move stool is the ultimate in active sitting. Offering 360° of movement, the Move stool puts your body in control. Whatever the task, the Move stool allows your body to go wherever it feels it should be.

A blend of chair and standing support, the Varier Move stool has a graded disc base. The tilting angle created by this unique design lets the saddle follow you throughout any movement.

The Move Stool is an excellent choice for any individual who needs sensory or proprioceptive input to maximize focus. It can't really be called a chair. It's more of a standing support. It's unique convex base allows the stool to move with the sitter, while the feet stay firmly planted. It has a comfortable saddle-shaped seat and an adjustable height gas lift to accommodate any height work surface from small table to kitchen counter or sit/stand desk.

Move Stool immediately improves posture and promotes well being. It's intuitive to use, and it's fun. The Move Stool follows the body's movement and gives you the ability to better focus. Stop by our Home & Office store to try it out for yourself.

22" - 32.3" Height
15" Wide Seat

Designed and built in Norway by skilled artisans
Saddle seat design and graded disc base support the body at any angle
All wood is harvested from highly sustainable forests

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Varier Move Stool Varier Move Stool Varier Move Stool

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Shipping dimensions: 18" x 18" x 10"
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