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Loll Racer RockerLoll Racer Rocker - Chocolate (Leaf Stripe)Loll Racer Rocker - Sky (White Stripe)Loll Racer Rocker - Leaf (Sky Stripe)Loll Racer Rocker - White (Apple Stripe)Loll Racer Rocker - Apple (White Stripe)Loll Racer Rocker - Grey (Apple StripeLoll Racer Rocker - Black (Apple Stripe)Loll Racer Rocker  From AboveLoll Racer Rocker - Back ViewLoll Racer Rocker - Side ViewLoll Racer Rocker with Side Car TableLoll Racer RockerLoll Racer Rocker Dimensions
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Loll Racer Rocker

The new Racer Rocker by Loll rocks and stores extra stuff! A hidden storage compartment in the back of the rocker is the perfect place to collect some outdoor accessories. The Racer line of furniture has handles to make moving furniture around easier. A bold, contrasting stripe of color speaks to the name of this chair.

Not only is the Racer Rocker cool and functional, it is also eco-friendly. Loll furniture is made from 100% recycled high density polyethylene (your old milk jugs and margarine tubs). This material happens to be solid and sturdy, so it won't blow away. There's also no need to find storage space for this furniture - it can be left out all year round. This furniture is made in Duluth, MN. Assembly required.

22.5"W x 28.25"D x 25.5"H
Seat Height: 12.5"
Seat Depth: 18.5"

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Loll Racer Rocker - Chocolate (Leaf Stripe) Loll Racer Rocker - Sky (White Stripe) Loll Racer Rocker - Leaf (Sky Stripe) Loll Racer Rocker - White (Apple Stripe) Loll Racer Rocker - Apple (White Stripe) Loll Racer Rocker - Grey (Apple Stripe Loll Racer Rocker - Black (Apple Stripe) Loll Racer Rocker  From Above Loll Racer Rocker - Back View Loll Racer Rocker - Side View Loll Racer Rocker with Side Car Table Loll Racer Rocker Loll Racer Rocker Dimensions
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