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Powerbirds - BlackPowerbirds - BlackPowerbirds - Black
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Powerbirds Wall Sticker

Wall Stickers from ferm LIVING are a different kind of wall decoration.  They create a unique look and change the style and atmosphere in a room.  The stickers can be used on all flat surfaces: walls, ceilings, furniture, windows, mirrors, etc.  The possibilities are endless and the only limit is your imagination.

The collection holds a string of various designs in different sizes and colors in order for you to pick the one that suits you the best.  When you want to change the style of your home, they are easily removed. 

If you are looking for a specific ferm LIVING wall sticker that you don't see here, call (608) 233-4488 ex. 1 for order information. 

Sizes vary. Most kits come with sticker extensions that allow you to fit the space in which you are working. Whether you need to cut the sticker short or lengthen it, most of these kits create more options than you might think. They can be very versatile and allow for some creative freedom to really make the space your own.

Size: 39.4" x 19.7" (787" of wire + 12 birds included)
Material: vinyl

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Powerbirds - Black Powerbirds - Black
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