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740 Sleeper Sofa
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740 Sleeper Sofa

740 Sleeper Sofa. Easily create room for company with this compact sleeper sofa! The 740 opens easily to provide a very comfortable queen size bed. It comes in a wide variety of fabrics and is perfect for the home office or guest room. The sofa is a mere 62" long.

KSL products are manufactured in Canada. Soy-based foam is available in 740 cushions, using 60% less petrochemicals in manufacturing. Frames are made of wood that is sourced from responsibly managed forests in Canada. Wood does not contain VOC's and finishes/glues are non-toxic and low VOC. Organic and recycled fabrics are available.

Dimensions -
62"L x 36"D x 31"H
Bed extends 78" from back of sofa to end of bed.

Available in Teak or Cherry with many upholstery options.

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