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Natura Wool Cloud Pillow

The Cloud Pillow provides savory comfort with a delectable dose of health. The NaturaWool™ fill wicks away moisture and maintains a fresh, dry sleep environment to naturally eliminate the growth of harmful bacteria, dust mites and other sleep disturbing allergens. The breathable, 100% cotton cover is soft to the touch, and oh, so delish against delicate facial skin.

Regulates temperature and wicks away moisture to keep bed fresh and dry
Creates a fresh, allergen free sleep environment
Provides comfortable head and neck support

Spot clean only. Do not machine wash or dry.

Unbleached, non-removable 100% cotton cover

To freshen your wool-filled product expose it to sunlight and air; or toss in the dryer with a few clean, new tennis balls. Place dryer on AIR cycle for 10 minutes with no heat.

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Cloud Pillow Cloud Pillow
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