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Propellor Trivet in PurplePropellor TrivetsPropellor Trivet in PurplePropellor Trivet in PurplePropellor Trivet in WhitePropellor Trivet in LimePropellor Trivet in BlackPropellor Trivet in PlumPropellor Trivet in Yellow
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Propellor Trivet

Elegant and functional table trivets that can be easily folded together to fit into the cutlery drawer. Fan this modern trivet out to keep your tabletop safe from hot plates. The aerodynamic design comes in many eye-catching colors.

Dimensions: 8.3in (length)
Materials: Silicone, Plastic

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Propellor Trivets Propellor Trivet in Purple Propellor Trivet in Purple Propellor Trivet in White Propellor Trivet in Lime Propellor Trivet in Black Propellor Trivet in Plum Propellor Trivet in Yellow
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